Dazzling the Senses: The Mind's Eye Now Open at Science Centre Singapore

June 13, 2017

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, Science Centre Singapore (SCS) today reopened its entrance gallery with the unveiling of two new exhibitions: "The Mind’s Eye”, an exhibition on illusions and human perception an exhibition on illusions and human perception, and “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! - a Mirror Maze experience”.

The Mind’s Eye will be one of the first exhibitions that visitors encounter when they visit SCS. Throughout the gallery, Visitors will be shown the joys of observation, of paying closer attention to what’s around them, and of realizing that perhaps all is not as it seems! As visitors grapple with the enigmatic exhibits, they reveal just how their senses and mind can fool them into believing. The illusions here portray the difference between what we experience/sense and what is actually perceived.

The exhibition has been curated by SCS, designed by JRA (Jack Rouse Associates) and fulfilled by SPACElogic Pte Ltd. to capture the imagination of every visitor and to explore the science behind optical illusions. It features more than 30 exhibits that manipulate how humans observe and make sense of objects and environments or perception vs reality.

Science for Everyone

“Science is always relevant in our daily lives, even in the way we view things in our environment. Visitors don’t have to be fans of science to enjoy these photo-worthy creations, but we are confident that they will be intrigued and inspired to find out how illusions take advantage of the way we perceive and make them seem real. These must-visit gems are timeless and cut across language barriers, making them ideal leisure options for spending quality time with families and friends,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, CEO of Science Centre Singapore.

Features of The Mind's Eye Exhibition

Your Move: One of The Mind’s Eye exhibits showcases an installation of chess pieces set within an animation sequence which will appear to the viewer periodically as they blink. A clever play on size, shape, colour, light and shadow, these ambiguous figures challenges the process of how we view and interpret negative space or background based on edge-assignment.


View with a Twist: Another exhibit of a wire sculpture magically transforms from an elephant into two giraffes simply by shifting the visitor’s point of view.

The exhibits in The Mind’s Eye includes a curated collection of works from artists around the world, including France, Japan, South Africa and USA.

Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic - Asia's Largest Mirror Maze

Back by popular demand after 20 years, a new, bigger and better mirror maze has been specially created for SCS by Adrian Fisher Design Ltd, the world’s leading creator of mirror mazes and a record holder of seven Guinness World Records. The largest mirror maze in Asia, “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic!” features 105 mirror cells and numerous interactive exhibits on the phenomena of lights, colours, and reflection set within a compelling storyline. Visitors are expected to assist the eccentric and forgetful Professor Crackitt find his pet parrot, Wattnot, while fixing some of his experiments in his vast laboratory. Backed by the phenomena of lights, colours, and reflection, the new mirror maze also gives visitors a chance to formulate an escape route that could be mired by reflections.

Public can visit both exhibitions from 14 June 2017 onwards. Admission to the two permanent exhibitions is free but admission fee to Science Centre Singapore applies (Admission is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents during non-peak periods such as weekdays, excluding school or public holidays). Please visit www.science.edu.sg for more information about Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic: A Mirror Maze Experience and The Mind’s Eye.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for photos of The Mind's Eye press conferences and launch party. And if you visit the exhibition (which we hope you do!), please tweet or instagram your photos with the handles @ScienceCentreSG and @JRAtweets or the hashtag #SCSnext40.

The Mind's Eye and Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic creators celebrate at the exhibitions' opening press conference. From left to right: Augustus Goh, Managing Director, Spacelogic PTE Ltd.; Adrian Fisher, Founder and Chairman, Adrian Fisher Design, Ltd.; Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore; and Keith James, CEO and Owner, JRA.



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