Fresh Faces Friday: Mikkel Jensen on Designing, Dancing, and Chasing Your Dreams

September 29, 2017

Fall not only brings cascading leaves, warm color palettes, and pumpkin spice. It also brings a bevvy of fresh faces to the JRA studio. As our list of projects grows, so must our team, and over the next month, we'll be introducing you to six new members of the JRA family.

To begin our Fall "Fresh Faces" Series, Mikkel Jensen, a design intern joining us all the way from Denmark, shares some thoughts about the design process, his journey to Cincinnati, and a few quirky tidbits that even his friends might not know about him...

Meet Mikkel:

I am an Architecture & Design student from Denmark. I finished my bachelor in Urban Design last year and am currently on my last year at Aalborg University in the Masters program. Moving to Cincinnati, I knew nothing about the city and had only been to America once during a university trip. But I love moving to new places and travel quite often, so it was a new adventure for me. Back home I teach breakdance, popping and occasionally snowboarding and skiing, and whenever I want to relax, I get in to the kitchen and start cooking, which is just another way to be creative besides designing and dancing.

The best thing about the industry is ...
...the enthusiasm of the people working within the industry. It is definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to get more involved with the industry to begin with, so I find that to be one of the best things. I think it is a success criteria as well, that good work is made by people enjoying what they do, and that really is one of my favorite things… and me being a kid at heart doesn't hurt!

My favorite part of the design process is …
… using sketches and ideas in a constructive debate with your team to reach well-designed solutions seen from the users perspective. That point where you look at the design and realize how each input has brought you to this solution as a team and achieved something you wouldn’t necessarily have achieved on your own.

I would advise anyone starting out in a creative career to …
… figure out what you like to do and how you express yourself creatively and then go from there. There are many ways to be creative, and people often think in different ways. It is always a good thing to have people guide you on techniques that can help, but eventually, you will probably realize you do not necessarily think the same way as your teachers. Much like one learning method doesn’t fit all, I believe that there is no single defined path to a successful creative career, but liking what you do is definitely a good starting point.

My dream vacation would be ...
Going somewhere new and remote with a handful of people and experiencing things I would not be able to imagine before being in the actual situation. I love being surprised by the beauty of nature, natural phenomena and new cultures, and as much as I try to capture it, nothing can really put you in the same situation and feeling as you have when you experience something for the first time.

If my house had to be made of something edible, I would definitely choose…
… tough one. Most of my friends would probably think I would say potato chips, since that is without a doubt my number one weakness when it comes to snacks, but, I would actually like to have a house I wouldn’t eat within minutes. Now, a house made out of fresh herbs, that would be amazing.

Stay tuned for more Fresh Faces Fridays - you may even see a few names that look familiar!



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