The Friday Fives: Going for the Gold with Bailey Reinhart

January 26, 2018

Bailey Reinhart

Bailey Reinhart

Welcome back to the Friday Fives! For our second installment, we're happy places and gold medal dreams with University of Cincinnati communication design co-op, Bailey Reinhart. 

Favorite entertainment experience...

...The Happiest Place on Earth— Disney World! I have been to Disney World about 12 times so far; the main reason that I like it so much is because of the variety and the enormity of it. From Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc. there’s a ton of unforgettable experiences.

The part of my career I enjoy the most is …

...Being able to collaborate with others and create designs that are used in the real world. Also being able to do something that I am passionate about everyday.

Best stress buster...

...Being with friends and traveling, nothing de-stresses me more than a new adventure or experience.

In my spare time, I…

Most of my spare time is spent working on freelance design projects. I create award designs and promotional materials for Hawkes Crystal USA, a brilliant-cutting establishment located in Tiffin, Ohio. I also work on design materials for a small boutique in Tiffin; creating graphic tee designs as well as instructing painting classes whenever I have the time for it.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up I always wanted to be an art teacher or an architect. I always knew that I wanted to have a career in the creative field but wasn’t sure of all the possibilities.

What are your dream design projects?

I have a a few…

  • - To brand an athletic team, direct the design of the stadium, uniforms, merchandise, etc.
  • - To help develop an Olympic logo and create the brand
  • - Work on a way to make the healthcare system better and more user friendly

We look forward to working with Corie and Bailey to help develop their skills, stoke their design passions, and bring them one step closer to their professional dreams. To learn more about Bailey, visit her design website at

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