PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Museum Celebrates World's Favorite Canned Meat Product

April 24, 2016

SPAMĀ® Museum - Austin, Minnesota, USA

SPAMĀ® Museum - Austin, Minnesota, USA

"The Mona Lisa of Luncheon Meat" - NBC Nightly News

"The world's saltiest, most pork-forward museum" - The Chicago Tribune

"Bigger and better than ever" - CBS Minnesota

Last Friday marked the opening of Hormel Foods' SPAM® Museum in downtown Austin, Minnesota, USA. The 14,000-square-foot museum celebrates the 79-year history of the iconic SPAM® family of products and the 125-year history of Hormel Foods. It houses a mix of galleries from the previous location and new experiences, including the iconic product’s popularity around the globe, the SPAM® brand today and its history with the military.

“We are excited to open the SPAM® Museum in downtown Austin and share this new, interactive experience with SPAM® fans across the globe,” said Nicole L. Behne, marketing director, Grocery Products at Hormel Foods. “As we prepare to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our company in Austin, throughout the country and the world, this new SPAM® Museum will be a great way for people to connect with the iconic SPAM® products and Hormel Foods.”

JRA provided complete planning, design and project management for the new SPAM® Museum. The museum is located in the heart of downtown Austin, and the company hopes this will increase patronage for the surrounding businesses. “It was important for Hormel Foods to have the museum in downtown Austin to support its growth and see this area become a destination for both city residents and tourists,” said Savile C. Lord, manager, SPAM® Museum and community relations at Hormel Foods. “We hope that the new downtown location will allow people to see all that Austin has to offer, including great restaurants and shopping.”

The SPAM® Museum is located at 101 3rd Avenue NE, Austin, Minnesota, USA and is open seven days a week. Please visit for further details.

About Hormel Foods
Hormel Foods Corporation, based in Austin, Minnesota, USA is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded food and meat products, many of which are among the best known and trusted in the food industry. Hormel Foods, which leverages its extensive expertise, innovation and high competencies in pork and turkey processing and marketing to bring branded, value-added products to the global marketplace, will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2016. The company is a member of the Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 Index, S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, and was named one of “The 100 Best Corporate Citizens” by Corporate Responsibility Magazine for the seventh year in a row. Hormel Foods also received a perfect score on the 2016 Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, was recognized on the 2016 Best for Vets Employers List by Military Times, and was named one of the 2016 Best Companies for Leaders by Chief Executive magazine. The company enjoys a strong reputation among consumers, retail grocers, foodservice and industrial customers for products highly regarded for quality, taste, nutrition, convenience and value. For more information, visit



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Out in Space and Under the Sea - Join JRA for Houston SATE Academy Day

April 12, 2016

On April 27th and 28th, industry professionals from across the country will gather for the Themed Entertainment Association’s first-ever event in Texas, USA. This SATE Academy Day, entitled “Out in Space and Under the Sea” and hosted by the TEA’s Eastern North America Division, will feature three of Houston and Galveston’s most popular venues over two days and showcase never before seen technologies. Tickets for this one-of-a-kind experience are available now, and spots are limited.
About SATE and SATE Academy Days

The SATE acronym stands for Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience. TEA produces an annual SATE conference and, throughout the year, a series of SATE Academy Days. A popular SATE Academy Day format is the "day out" in a city with multiple attractions, such as Houston. These events are produced by industry professionals for industry professionals, introducing them to each other, the TEA and the great work that themed entertainment companies are creating and producing around the world.

“Houston, We Have a Shuttle” – Launching Day One at Independence Plaza

To begin the two days of events, guests will be shuttled via bus from the Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston to spend an afternoon at Space Center Houston.

Since opening in 1992, Space Center Houston has welcomed more than 18 million visitors and currently hosts nearly 1 million visitors annually in its 183,000-square-foot educational entertainment complex. It is one of Houston’s top attractions, the area’s No. 1 attraction for international visitors, the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center and the only Smithsonian Affiliate in the greater Houston area.

This past January, Space Center Houston unveiled its largest project since that 1992 opening – the $14 million Independence Plaza. Visitors can enter the shuttle replica Independence, mounted on top of the historic and original NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft (SCA), and then explore the giant plane. It is the world’s only shuttle mounted on an SCA and the only one allowing the public to enter both.

Images of Indpendence Plaza courtesy Space Center Houston

After enjoying a complimentary lunch in the Space Center’s café, SATE Academy Day guests will be given a tour of Independence Plaza, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from Space Center Houston and the Independence Plaza creative team, including JRA Senior Project Designer, Rick O’Connell. They will also have time to explore some of the Center’s more than 400 space artifacts, exhibits, attractions and theaters before heading back to Galveston for dine-arounds at restaurants throughout the city.

JRA is a proud sponsor of the TEA's visit to Space Center Houston, alongside our friends and colleagues at Boston Productions, Inc. (bpi).

To Infinity and Beyond – True8K™ Technology at the Burke Baker Planetarium

On March 11, the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Burke Baker Planetarium became the world’s first True8K™ planetarium, displaying full-dome star fields and movies with over 500 million pixels. To begin Day Two of Houston SATE Academy Day, guests will be treated to a private demonstration and discussion on this groundbreaking technology with Dr. Carolyn Sumners, HMNS President for Astronomy, and Michael Daut of Evans and Sutherland.

Produced by Evans and Sutherland, the Digistar 5, the world's premiere digital planetarium system, uses 20 state-of-the-art graphics processing computers to feed ten 4K projectors with the equivalent of 40 HD streams at 60 frames per second or faster. E&S has developed proprietary auto alignment and auto blending technology to combine images from the ten projectors into one seamless scene across the entire dome with no visible blends.

Image courtesy Evans and Sutherland

The Digistar projected image has a contrast ratio of up to 20,000:1. According to Dr. Sumners, "the system can produce a night sky as dark, clear and crisp as the skies of West Texas, the Rockies, or the African savannah, giving Houstonians the rich night sky experience that has been lost to city dwellers."

After the planetarium show and discussion, guests will tour the Museum’s Wiess Energy Hall and enjoy lunch on their own in the surrounding neighborhood.

This visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science is made possible by Evans and Sutherland.

Pineapples Under the Sea – Moody Gardens and SpongeBob SubPants

Once they return to Moody Gardens, guests are free to explore the park on their own. Later in the afternoon, visitors will be treated to a complimentary, private screening of Moody Garden’s latest attraction, the SpongeBob SubPants Adventure. The SpongeBob SubPants Adventure at Moody Gardens combines 3D film, 4D effects, a live performer, and a real-time animated character who interacts with guests - all in an attraction which allows the audience to choose their destination on a delightful undersea journey.

Image courtesy Nickelodeon

Beginning with a preshow, which features touch tanks and educational interactive exhibits, guests soon enter the submarine "Le Plunger" (a 4D theater) to experience a simulated descent to Bikini Bottom, where an animated Patrick Starr from the SpongeBob SquarePants series helps them decide where they want to travel. SpongeBob SubPants was recently recognized with a 2016 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement.

The different elements combine to evoke the world of SpongeBob SquarePants to quirky and comical effect, all in perfect sync with the characters and sensibility of the franchise. The attraction uses the new Geppetto Animation Control System (which also received a 2016 Thea Award) to achieve the seamless integration of the real time animated character in the show.
Following the show, members of the creative team will discuss their processes in putting together this first-of-its-kind media experience.

The SpongeBob SubPants viewing is made possible by The Nassal Company and Nickelodeon.

Texas Welcomes the TEA

To close Houston SATE Academy Day, Texas TEA companies will welcome guests with a mixer at the Moody Gardens Hotel.

“One of the most fun aspects of organizing this event has been engaging with representatives from TEA’s Texas companies,” said JRA's Clara Rice, Eastern Division Vice President and event co-organizer. “They are so excited to have TEA in the Lone Star State, and we look forward to introducing these companies to each other, our guests and the TEA at large.”

“As a long standing TEA member, who most commonly participates at events on the East or West Coast, we are extremely excited to have a SATE Academy Day and a TEA Mixer event coming to our home state of Texas,” said Grady Brown, President of iZone Imaging. “It's our pleasure and honor to help support this event, and we look forward to showing our infamous Texas hospitality.”

“I’m sure I speak for all regional TEA members in saying how excited we are to host SATE Academy Day in Houston,” added Joe Pedigo of Marilyn Systems, LLC.  “We at Marilyn Systems hope that this is just the first of many TEA events and look forward to welcoming y’all to Texas!”

This mixer is sponsored by Fountain People, iZone Imaging, Longhorn Organics, Marilyn Systems, SRO Associates, and Worlds of Wow!

Join Us!
“The TEA’s strong growth over the past few years has greatly increased our membership outside of our traditional hubs in Orlando and Los Angeles,” said Scott Gill, TEA Eastern North America Division President.  “Exploring groundbreaking projects in cities like Houston allows regional members to showcase their work and all of us to forge new relationships.  As the number of regional members grows, regional events become more frequent, providing further opportunities for all of our members to connect.”

Register now by clicking here. Tickets are $50 and include admissions to Space Center Houston, Burke Baker Planetarium, HMNS and SpongeBob SubPants, all tours, Wednesday lunch, Thursday breakfast, mixer hors d’oeuvres and other treats. A discounted hotel rate of $149 is available at the Moody Gardens Hotel, and the bus will only service the host hotel.


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Newly Renovated Petroleum Museum Reflects Region's History of Innovation

April 10, 2016

The newly renovated Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

The newly renovated Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

"Partnering with Jack Rouse has been great because...they've been able to look at everything with fresh eyes." - Midland Reporter-Telegram

"Easier to navigate, interactive and heavy on science and technology while still portraying the growth of what remains America’s largest oil province over time." - Odessa American

The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Library and Hall of Fame has just completed an $18 million renovation. Through its use of interactives, immersive environments and game-based learning experiences, the Petroleum Museum takes guests on an amazing journey through over 250 million years of Permian Basin history and celebrates the determination and inventiveness of its people. . Last week, The Petroleum Museum received the President's Award at the annual Texas Association of Museums' Annual Meeting.

JRA provided overall planning, design development and project management for the Petroleum Museum’s 32,000 square feet of exhibit space. In addition to telling the story of how petroleum transformed the Permian Basin and explaining the processes of finding, extracting, producing and transporting this energy source, the Petroleum Museum hopes to inspire young visitors to pursue careers in the petroleum and energy sciences.

“Both we and the client had a strong desire to make the experience entertaining,” said Rob Morgan, JRA Senior Project Director. “Taking a page from our theme park work, we employed techniques such as a game-show based introductory film, dramatic immersive environments, and adapted video game-like technology to convey some challenging content in a fun way.  We engage the guests in many ways, catering to various learning styles.  The content can be updated periodically so the messaging can stay as relevant as possible, and encourage repeat visitation.”

The guest experience begins with a journey through time, from hundreds of millions of years ago to the present day. Visitors then enter the “Extreme Science” area, where they learn about the techniques and innovations involved in oil exploration and production. Highlights of the renovation include:

  •     •    Mythcrackers: An introductory film welcomes visitors by examining and dispelling common petroleum myths via a Family Feud-style game show, because “it’s what you think you know that just ain’t so.”
  •     •    Permian Reef: Upon exiting the theater, guests are fully immersed into a dramatic recreation of a 250 million-year-old Permian reef, featuring the Museum’s original 1975 reef diorama, beautifully restored.
  •     •    Birth of an Industry: Midland comes to life via a re-creation of a 1930s Boom Town, complete with a general store, land office and an array of early Midland artifacts.
  •     •    The Voyage of the PetroTrekker – As the tactical engineers of a petroleum exploration vessel, guests journey across land, through space and under the sea to find new sources of petroleum. This immersive theater features interactive touch screens, dramatic lighting and special effects to place guests in the heart of the action.
  •     •    Risk and Reward – In this game-based exhibit, guests run into various obstacles as they drill for oil and must determine whether to forge ahead or walk away.  
  •     •    Supplemental Energies – This area explains the supplemental energies, from solar to hydro to nuclear, that are being used to power our cars, homes and cities.
  •     •    Chevron Energy City – This brightly colored “city”, geared towards visitors ages 6-9, teaches children about various forms of energy and the steps they can take to conserve energy in their everyday lives.
  •     •    Find Your Way Café – Having learned about the heritage of the past and the innovations of the present, guests now learn how they can contribute to the future of the petroleum industry, matching their skills and interests with potential careers in the field via an interactive quiz.

“This is a project that has been several years in the making and it has certainly exceeded all our expectations,” said Kathy Shannon, Executive Director.  “The amount of information, dispersed in so many creative ways, will fascinate visitors of all ages.  The Museum has become a showcase for innovative and creative thinking and definitely a strong science-based museum for our community and beyond. Our greatest compliment is that our guests say, 'oh wow, it looks like you spent $50 million.'"

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Keith James - Tales from an Unbelievable Life

April 09, 2016

“Who could have written this script?”

Forty-five years ago, JRA CEO Keith James took a summer job at Kings Island theme park with his friend and mentor, Jack Rouse. He could have never known the adventures, experiences and friendships that would follow, and the lives he would touch along the way.

Last weekend at the Disneyland Hotel, Keith James received one of the industry’s highest honors – the 2016 Buzz Price Thea Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements.

This week, you've heard Jack Rouse and others recount the history and celebrate the character of Keith James. Today, in excerpts from his Summit Keynote address and Thea Award acceptance speech, Keith offers his lessons learned and thanks all those responsible for his “unbelievable life.”

On the Wisdom Gained from His Mother

  • “Work hard.”
  • “Be fair.”
  • “Give credit where credit is due.”
  • “Don’t lie, because then you have to remember what you said.”
  • “Always say ‘yes’.”

On Lessons Learned from His Years as an Elite Swimmer in the 1960s

  • “You’d better prop yourself up with people who are better than you. Give them credit when things go right, and fiercely defend them when things go wrong.”
  • “I was the anchor, but if the other three guys weren’t good, we wouldn’t win.”

Keith shares his story with Season Pass Podcast.

On Education and the Early Influence of Jack Rouse

  • “I was a great athlete and a terrible student.”
  • “I had no future. No ideas. No desires."
  • “I didn’t want to go to Vietnam, so I went to college instead.”
  •  “My mother was Jack’s secretary. Jack decided to put together a theatre program at UC. I joined the program for technical theater as the guinea pig student and went from almost failing out to the Dean’s List.”
  • “Jack taught me how to ride a motorcycle. In 1970, I spent 10 weeks riding through the country and sleeping in tents. I left with $650 and didn’t even use all of it. Those of you who know me know that I will spend $650 on a dinner, probably with some of you.”
  • “In the autumn of 1971, before the park opened, I joined Jack at Kings Island as a production stage manager. I just needed a summer job to pay for college.”
  • “My 45th anniversary in the business is this November, and I still have the letter from Jack Rouse offering me the job at Kings Island.”

Jack Rouse

On Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

  • “In 1987, I was asked by Mike Bartlett to come to Florida and work on this park called Universal Orlando. I asked him what I would be doing, and he said ‘I have no idea.’ I asked him when he needed me, and he said, ‘tomorrow.’ I moved to Orlando from Sydney two weeks later.”
  • “Jack started JRA in 1987. In 1991, he and his partner Amy decided they wanted to get back into the theme park world from the corporate world. Jack asked me if I wanted to come back to Cincinnati. My contract with Universal was up, so I said yes. I became a partner in 1992.”
  • “I was in the room a lot when people asked, ‘can you do this,’ and my answer was always ‘yes’.”

Keith shows what's under his famous hat.

On Providing a Great Guest Experience

  • “You can see things; you can hear things; you can smell things; but you can’t always feel things. We need to make people feel things.”
  • “Second guess everything – not from the standpoint of being negative, but from a standpoint of ‘what if.’ Always have a contingency plan and ask questions.”
  • “I don’t think in terms of ‘American’ or ‘international’. I think of the guests. People just want to be entertained.”
  • “People know I'm an American because of my passports.”
  • “Body language is the same everywhere. The smile tells the story.”
  • “We use what we’ve learned as tech support to tell the guest’s story. It’s not our story – it’s their story.”

On Friendships

  • “I have been the beneficiary of unbelievable experiences, unbelievable friendships.”
  • “I have spent most of my life relying upon my friends.”

 Keith's many friends sum him up in one word.

On Family

  • “When I was at Kings Island as a production stage manager, a beautiful dancer auditioned. Her name was Patti. I eventually got the nerve to propose, and we married 7 years later.”
  • “My family said to me, ‘we’re never going to try to talk you out of it.’”
  • “My daughters asked me, ‘are you taking a car or a plane for work?’ If I was taking a car, that meant I’d be home for dinner. If I was taking a plane, then I was probably home for the weekend.”
  • “I've tried to never miss one of Chloe's soccer games, one of Lexi’s football game performances or one of Patti’s shows in 45 years.”
  • “Yes, I have flown nine and a half million miles, but [Patti] has flown every one of them with me.”

The James Family

On Receiving the Buzz Price Thea Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements

  • “I was overwhelmed by this. I was in the Salt Lake City Airport when I got the call from Bob Ward [third from right in the photo below] saying I was going to receive this award. I was a weeping mess in the airport. I was traveling with Chloe, and she, not knowing what had happened, asked ‘do we need to go home?’ Getting this award was the furthest thing from my mind.”
  • “There’s something unfair about receiving this award. I’ve had an unbelievable life because of all of you, not me. This award is for you, not me. But you can’t take home the statue.”

From left: Keith James, Shawn McCoy, Jack Rouse, Bob Ward, Nick Winslow, Chloe James Hausfeld

On Luck and Gratitude

  • “I am the last person to expect to have had such a lucky life.”
  • “I traveled to the Grand Canyon on my motorcycle trip. As I was gazing out at it, I noticed a father describing the canyon to his son. His son was blind. I learned at that moment never to take anything for granted. It is a moment that has stayed with me my entire life.”
  • “Forty-five years ago I needed a summer job, and I still have it. I’ve been lucky that the industry has grown up around me.”
  •  “This business has allowed me to see the world, meet my wife, meet my business partners. My daughters [Alexis and Chloe] have been born in interesting places [Vancouver and Sydney, respectively].”
  • “I support IAAPA and the TEA because I feel an obligation. I owe you – look at what you’ve let me do.”
  •  “I have loved every minute of every day.”

On the Future

  • “I’ve had a wonderful career. I hope it’s not over.”
  • “Let’s go chase another windmill.”

“That’s my story. Patti thought you all would be interested to hear it.”

Patti and Keith James
JRA congratulates all of the 2016 Thea Award recipients and thanks the TEA for a wonderful weekend of events.

About the Thea Awards and the Buzz Price Thea Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements
The Thea Awards began in 1994 with a single Lifetime Achievement Award, and the first recipient was Harrison “Buzz” Price, pioneer in economic feasibility for entertainment projects. After Buzz passed away in 2010, the award was renamed in his honor.

To view the video of Keith's Summit Day One Keynote Address, visit TEA TV. For JRA’s photos and videos from the TEA Summit Weekend and Thea Awards, visit our Facebook page.


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HEB Center Brings a Spectrum of Science Experiences to Corpus Christi

April 08, 2016

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History's New H-E-B Science Center

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History's New H-E-B Science Center

"Kid tested and parent approved" - KRIS Corpus Christi News

"To have something of this level in Corpus Christi is amazing to see." - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

This past week, we not only celebrated Keith's Lifetime Achievement Award, but also two project openings! For our first project spotlight, we're profiling Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History's new, $3 million H-E-B Science Center. Through its visually exciting and highly interactive exhibits, the Science Center aims to inspire and educate children and adults in the sciences.

JRA (Jack Rouse Associates) provided overall planning, design development and project management for the Science Center’s 5,000 square feet of exhibit space. In addition to its ten exhibit areas, the Science Center features an immersive cell environment, a three-story DNA climber, a miniature planetarium, and a series of large-scale interactives showcasing the principles of engineering.

“The client wanted a design aesthetic that was fanciful, curious, alluring, engaging and fun,” said Jeff Lichtenberg, JRA Senior Project Designer. “Our approach was to create a light, colorful, energetic space, and to arrange the space as a progression from the unknown, to what we know, to what we do with what we know.”

Guests first experience content that juxtaposes the vastness of our universe with the minuteness of the atomic world.  From this point, the guest experience begins to focus on our planet and how human curiosity has led to the study and use of earth’s natural elements and the building blocks of life. Interactive exhibits about atoms, the periodic table, the human cell and DNA introduce the basics of molecular science and biology.  Guests learn how scientific knowledge is part our everyday lives through a variety of mathematic and engineering exhibits.  The guests journey concludes with a visually dramatic gallery that stretches their curiosity beyond the earth by incorporating basic scientific principles pertaining to outer space.

“We are delighted to bring Corpus Christi a world class museum that will engage children in the sciences and give them a love for learning,” says Executive Director, Carol Rehtmeyer.

Congratulations to the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History and the entire HEB Science Center team! Next week, we'll celebrate another project opening, which also takes place deep in the heart of Texas.


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Motorcycles, Airline Miles and TEA Myths - Jack Rouse Honors Keith James

April 05, 2016

Jack Rouse, Keith James and JRA COO Dan Schultz have worked together for over 40 years. Photo courtesy Themed Entertainment Association

Jack Rouse, Keith James and JRA COO Dan Schultz have worked together for over 40 years. Photo courtesy Themed Entertainment Association

Many friends, family and colleagues have lauded Keith James over the past few days in celebration of his Thea Lifetime Achievement Award from the Themed Entertainment Association. But perhaps the most heartfelt tribute came from the man who gave Keith his career and the 45 years of memories that have come with it. That man is Jack Rouse, founder of JRA and a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient in his own right.

Here is Jack's tribute to Keith as written in the Thea Awards program, which offers a history of the life and times of this respected leader.


If you are in the themed entertainment business or are in any way involved with the Themed Entertainment Association, then you know the name of Keith James. And if you are like many of your colleagues, the words that came to mind when describing Keith are likely to be: honest, great integrity, thoughtful, loyal, consummate businessman, straight as an arrow. And while those words are all true, they are also part of a TEA myth, because such was not always the case.


Jack Rouse and Keith James

When Keith was 17, he had his driver's license suspended for drag racing with his girlfriend in a buddy's Corvette. In 1970, he embraced then-prevalent hippie culture and - perhaps channeling Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper - embarked on a 10-week, 15,000-mile motorcycle trip across the United States. It was on that trip that Keith visited Disneyland - is that where the infatuation with themed entertainment began? Who knows?

In the 1960s, he was a fiercely competitive swimmer, garnering numerous regional and state awards for the Cincinnati Marlins, an elite swim team. (Yes, Keith was once an "elitist"). And while doing all that, he graduated from Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, entered the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, where he did not study piano, but rather earned a BFA in technical theater. "Nervous nights lighting Man of La Mancha," his brother Sandy remembers. He graduated in 1970 and shortly thereafter went to work for Taft Broadcasting. Taft had recently acquired Coney Island in Cincinnati and Hanna-Barbera in Hollywood as foundational elements for a theme park they were just beginning to build in Ohio.

Patti and Keith James

There, he became production manager for the live shows program and later assistant director of operations. While auditioning performers for the first year of the live shows program, an aspiring young performer named Patti Schmitz entered his life. Mythology has it that she may have stretched the truth about her age to get the gig; in any case, she was hired and a few years later became Mrs. Harry Keithan James. During the early years of the Taft parks, Keith and some colleagues formed Kings Productions, which for many years was the creative division of the Taft family of theme parks.


A few years later, Taft's theme park expansion began. In 1979, Keith was re-assigned to Toronto as the Director of Planning and Development for Canada's Wonderland, later becoming Director of Park Operations.


In 1983, Keith trekked across the continent (this time not in a motorcycle) to Vancouver, where he became Vice President of Operations for Expo '86. More importantly, it was in Vancouver that Keith and Patti's eldest daughter, Alexis, was born.

Keith, Lexi, Patti and Chloe James


Keith remained with the Expo organization only a short time - in 1983, Taft recruited him back to the fold and sent him to Sydney, Australia to become Managing Director of Australia's Wonderland. It was in Sydney that Keith and Patti's youngest daughter Chloe was born.


Wanderlust set in again in 1987, when Universal Studios hired Keith as Vice President of Show Production for Universal Studios Florida. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Planning and Development.


Then in 1992, Keith returned to Cincinnati to join Jack Rouse Associates. Now known as JRA, he remains there today as CEO/Owner.

Keith has spent his professional life moving from gig to gig. From Cincinnati to Toronto to Vancouver to Sydney to Orlando to Cincinnati: 

Solving problems, creating a better place, taking the best from where he worked and leaving the rest behind. In view of that first, momentous 1970s motorcycle trip that started in Cincinnati, maybe there's some thematic symbolism here: shooting for the stars, aiming for the best, constantly learning, constantly least, that's what his sister Carrie remembers (full disclosure: brother Sandy and sister Carrie are twins - not relevant, but interesting).

Keith has always made the most of opportunities to be activiely involved with the important associations of the industry: the TEA (several years as president) and IAAPA (board of directors). And in spite of the revocation of his driver's license for drag racing, and in spite of a 1970s biker/hippie image, Keith has become one of the themed entertainment industry's most respected leaders. His entire professional career has been in themed entertainment, and his passion for the industry is evident to all who know him.

What might not be quite as evident, unless you know Keith well, is his passion for his wife and two daughters. That should probably earn him an award that recognizes a lifetime of achievements in supporting those whom he loves.

For more on the 2016 Thea Awards, visit For photos of Keith's keynote address and acceptance speech, as well as Jack's presentation of the award, visit our Facebook page.

In our next blog post, Keith tells his story in his own words, imparting his wisdom along the way.

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