Pop Culture Shorthand Part 3 - Creating the IP-Based Experience

July 21, 2017

We’ve touched on the history of IP usage and how it has become such a pervasive part of theme park design and production today. We also talked about how without a story, IP is nothing more than a shell of an idea. 

That of course still leaves the question: What is the best way to work with IP? What makes (or breaks) an IP-based attraction?

First and foremost, the core of the property has to be identified. What is it that makes that film or story unique? What is it that has made it as successful as it has become? And while these considerations are important, they goes well beyond material choices or visual style. As an example, Harry Potter is a story that is based around magic, of course. But it is also a story about growing up, finding yourself, and becoming the person you want to be. Each film is filled with mystery and adventure, with the sense of a larger universe that can only be glimpsed by humble muggles like us. This might inspire us to create a unique attraction, which takes us on an adventure with Harry, where surprises are around each corner, with a magical ride system that defies category. All of these attributes are found in the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. A Harry Potter roller coaster, while maybe exciting, wouldn’t have nearly the same connection to the property.

Yet it’s not enough to simply re-create a storyline or moment from a famous film or television show. Any successful IP-based attraction looks beyond the original source material and creates unique moments and narratives that feel perfectly suited to the world, while taking the adventure to places it has never been before. We see this in Forbidden Journey, which is not based on any specific movie in the franchise. Or in Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, which features all of the characters of the films, but in an all-new adventure, which has never been seen before. Another way to think about it is that if there is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then the attraction should be considered a hypothetical adventure from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.5. It has to bring something new to the table, which still seamlessly fitting into the existing narrative.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. 

But the most important element when leveraging an IP in a theme park, by far, is placing guests directly into the story. This is something that no television show or film can do, and is where theme parks and attractions excel. These rides, when done well, become the ultimate form of escapist entertainment. When visiting a theme park, we don’t want to be reminded that we’re in Orlando, or California, or wherever we are physically. We want to pretend we’re Pirates on Tortuga, or new recruits to the Ghostbusters, or explorers on Skull Island. A well designed and inspired IP-based attraction literally put guests in the action, where they are able to create a brand new story, one that features all their favorite characters, settings, and events. But with one all-important addition: themselves.

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Pop Culture Shorthand Part 2 - Why IP?

July 20, 2017

Yesterday, we re-capped some of the bigger IP-based projects of the past several years, and how the “IP movement” is only gaining ground.

But why such an obsession with IP-based attractions? What has changed? Some of the most classic attractions of the original Disneyland were all new ideas, featuring new characters and situations. There was no Jungle Cruise film, or Haunted Mansion television show, or Pirates of the Caribbean video game. (Of course, Pirates has ironically inspired a series of films, which then inspired changes in the existing attractions, and heavily influenced the newest incarnation of the ride at Shanghai Disney, making in now a ride based on IP!)


Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disneyland. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The reason for this leveraging of IP is to take advantage of the aspect that all films and television shows have in common with the best theme park attractions:


Nearly every project starts first and foremost with the story. If it’s a branded experience, a science museum, or yes, a theme park, story and narrative come first. Human beings have always been storytellers, whether it’s sitting around a campfire, writing it down in a book, or watching it on screen. Or, in the case of theme parks, riding it.

But a narrative is hard to build, especially in the span of a three-to five-minute ride experience. In a theme park, you don’t have the luxury of a two-hour film to introduce characters, settings, and plot elements. But we know that these are vastly important to create an investment in our audience, and to give each attraction real stakes, in the end creating a more immersive and exciting experience.

The classic way to introduce these story elements is the pre-show. Every modern attraction has a pre-show of some kind, even non-theme park locations, such as the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Even non-theme park attractions can leverage a pre-show to introduce a narrative, such as the World of Coca-Cola, which has an introductory space that includes artifact displays, a live docent, and an animated film.

But when using film or television based IPs, in a way that previous media can act as your pre-pre-show. Guests enter your attraction already knowing the characters, and the setting, and maybe the basic plot. They know to cheer for Harry Potter, or to be frightened by King Kong, or to help Superman fight Lex Luthor. This has become part of our “Pop Culture Shorthand”, and allows each attraction to embrace, and even leverage, those previous experiences, and all the emotion they bring with them.

So you've got your IP and your story? Where do you go from here? Tomorrow, we'll close the series with how to leverage your IP assets to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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Pop Culture Shorthand - An Inside Look at IP with Colin Cronin

July 19, 2017

Colin Cronin

Colin Cronin

Here at the JRA blog, we love handing over the posting reigns to our “folks in the trenches” – the designers who create memorable experiences everyday. In a three-part series, Colin Cronin breaks down the what, why and how of intellectual property, sharing the ins and outs of this transformative trend.


In recent years, there has been a major shift in the theme park industry. While the advent of technology has certainly contributed to many of the new rides and attractions you see today, it’s another factor that seems to be tying them together:

Intellectual Property.

Of course, the use of Intellectual Property, or IP, in theme parks isn’t something new. One of the major players, Universal Parks and Resorts, has an identity based almost solely around recreating films and television as attractions - where else could you “Ride the Movies”? And The Walt Disney Company obviously started as a film company first, before opening Disneyland in 1955.

So it hasn’t been unexpected to see IP in theme parks in the decades since. But in recent years, it feels as if IP has become even more influential, driving every aspect of theme park development. And we can probably track that shift to one thing: a boy wizard with a lightning bolt scar.

Today’s IP Stars: A Wizard, a Monkey, A Navi and a Joker

It’s easy to argue that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal parks has been one of the more influential developments in the theme park industry since it opened in 2010, and one whose impact is very apparent to see in the last 7 years. While there had of course been IP-inspired lands in theme parks before (including several in the same park) there had never been anything quite to this scale. Wizarding World was a fully immersive, and beautifully realized, recreation of the world of Harry Potter, and the village of Hogsmeade.

As the main setting for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade set a new precedent, and raised the bar for immersive theme park theming. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

For the first time, fans could actually live out their magical fantasies. They could wear the clothes, eat the food, even perform the magic – with a little help from RFID-activated souvenir wands, of course. This wasn’t just an attraction, or even just a land. This was a living, breathing, actual world – one that, if attendance numbers are any indication, guests have come back to again and again since.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was of course implemented at the other Universal theme parks, and the inevitable expansion was opened in 2014, adding Diagon Alley to the mix. Since then, Harry Potter has been the example to beat, and these immersive re-creations of different IPs have become the new standard in theme parks around the world.

Just last year, King Kong made a triumphant return to the Universal parks in the form of a new attraction, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. And at that other Orlando-based park, Disney has re-created the world of the film Avatar, with a Pandora-themed land in Animal Kingdom. Just a few months ago, Disney also completed a renovation of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at California Adventure, incorporating characters and storylines from the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and transforming it into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! (This is especially interesting as Guardians of the Galaxy is a relatively new property, the first film having been released in 2014, only three years before the new attraction opened!)

Imagineers remodeled The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hotel into an alien spaceship to create the first Disney attraction based on the Marvel IP. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Future developments are also IP focused, with Universal and Disney planning expansive Nintendo and Star Wars based lands, respectively. Even smaller regional theme parks are getting in on the action, with Six Flags opening a Justice League attraction in seven of their parks in the last two years. And with a new swath of movie-inspired theme parks being opened or planned around the world, including Motiongate in Dubai and Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi, the trend is not likely to end any time soon.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss why IP is so popular, as well as the essential ingredient for IP success. 

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Conference World Tour 2017 - Exploring Asia with Chloe Hausfeld

July 12, 2017

For the latest installment of our Conference World Tour 2017, Chloe Hausfeld shares the sights and sounds of Singapore (and Malaysia and Thailand) as she recaps the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo. 

Sunday, June 11

After a very busy weekend of wedding festivities for my great friend Renee (CONGRATS!!!), a very early flight out on Sunday morning was not exactly the way I wanted to recover…but, what’s a girl to do?? Keith, Patti (Dad & Mom) and I headed to the airport for the long journey to Singapore. We all absolutely love Singapore, so it wasn’t that bad having to wake up.

Left – If you’re going to travel…travel in style. Dad has over 7 million miles with Delta, so the three of us were lucky enough to be graced with the red carpet (aka the Red Porsche) treatment from plane to plane.
Right – It’s crazy that we live right down the road from these guys, and only see them at airports…posing with fellow jet setters, Rodney Heiligmann and Bret Woodbury (LifeFormations).

Monday, June 12

While sitting in the lounge at the Narita International Airport, I received a text informing me that our good friend Lexi Liu (Premier Rides) was also waiting on her next flight. Although we weren’t on the same airline, it was nice to catch up with her before heading into the crazy IAAPA week.

After arriving in Singapore, and getting settled into the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, I went exploring to see who might be around already. Lucky me, I was able to track down Jim and Sara Seay, Lexi Liu, and Sophie Liu (Premier Rides), Tim Timco, Pete Barto, and Gerald Ryan (S & S Worldwide), Bret Woodbury (LifeFormations), Jeroen Nijpels (JNE&LC), and Lauren Weaver and John Wood (Sally Corp).

Tuesday, June 13

Bret Woodbury and I joined Phillip and Jeff Wilson (Extreme Engineering) for breakfast as they waited for their rooms to be ready. It was the perfect way (not to mention view) to begin such a busy day.

Not many views can compare to the top of the Marina Bay Sands.

KJ and I headed to Science Centre Singapore for a press conference celebrating the opening of the JRA-designed “The Mind’s Eye,” and, “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! – a Mirror Maze experience,” exhibitions. The exhibitions are located at the entrance gallery, and are fantastic additions to celebrate the museum’s 40th anniversary. The press conference was lead by a panel of its creators, Mr. Augustus Peh (SPACElogic Pte Ltd), Mr. Adrian Fisher (Adrian Fisher Design Ltd), Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng (Science Centre Singapore) and Keith James (JRA).

"The Minds Eye" at Science Centre Singapore

After the press conference, KJ set out for the blooloopLIVE Asia event, and I headed back to the convention center to check on the JRA booth. ARTS FUZION does a fantastic job on our booth, so, after unpacking all of the booth collateral, doing a little booth supply shopping, and checking in on a few last minute tweaks, I walked a bit of the trade show floor to get my bearings for the week. Registration went smoothly, and things were moving along, setting up the week in good fashion.

Alan Mahony (Pinnacle International Enterprise Limited) speaks on the evolution of waterparks in Asia at blooloopLIVE Asia. Along with a nice bouquet of flowers from ARTS FUZION, the JRA booth making moves to be “show ready”, and IAAPA’s schedule of the crazy next few days to come.

Evening events began with the Science Centre Singapore Launch Party. It was an incredibly well attended event, where guests learned about the planning, and were able to interact within the new exhibitions.

Friends from IAAPA and the TEA attended the event, and turned into kids again (as if they ever grew up) while enjoying the new exhibitions.

The infamous JNE&LC Party has become a staple as the way to get IAAPA AAE rolling. It’s always a fabulous time, with the best people, and provides time to visit with friends and colleagues prior to the crazy next days. Jeroen and Mika Nur Faezah certainly know how to show the crowd a good time.

Top – KJ and PJ hanging out with the host, Jeroen Nijpels (JNE&LC), and fellow guest, Greg Eccles (SALLY Corp.)
Bottom – Smiling with IAAPA COO, Doug Stagner.

Wednesday, June 14

I have to say that this year’s AAE Opening Ceremony was one of the best IAAPA Opening Ceremony events that I have seen in a long time. It was engaging, the performers were fantastic, and the crowd got into all of the songs more so than the usual. It was a fun way to get Day 1 started.

Day 1 at the JRA booth began with another press conference for Science Centre Singapore. The event was again, well attended, and was very informative to the crowd. It was nice to start Day 1 off with such a buzz.

IAAPA Officer members join the crowd for the press conference at the JRA Booth.

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM collaborate to create the Theme Index and Museum Index every year. This free resource, is a calendar-year study of global attractions attendance numbers, and identifies trends throughout the industry.

Top – Members of the JRA team welcome IAAPA AAE attendees at the booth.
Bottom – Attending the presentation of the TEA/AECOM Theme Index.

The Opening Reception was held at Universal Studios Singapore, and they certainly outdid themselves. The service was immaculate, the rides were a blast (as always), and the performers were so fun to watch. I might have made groups ride Sesame Street with me three different times (NO COMPLAINTS WHATSOEVER…it’s absolutely adorable) to get a little hit of the air conditioning on such a hot evening, but it was a top night nonetheless.

Fabulous industry event held by IAAPA. I got to ride Puss in Boots with the one and only Diane Williams (IAAPA), and enjoyed every moment of Sesame Street the most while riding with Emily Colombo (WhiteWater West).

The guys from S&S Worldwide couldn’t let us pose with Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster without doing so; so Pete Barto, Tim Timco and Gerald Ryan followed suit. The JRA men; Dan Schultz (COO), Shawn McCoy (VP), Mark Amos (Project Manager) and Keith James (Owner/CEO), “manned up,” and enjoyed a ride on Cyclon. Also, KJ and PJ couldn’t walk by another minion without posing with them in honor of the grandchildren.

Thursday, June 15

Day 2 of the show began with the Leadership Breakfast featuring Andrew Kam, VP of Wanda. It will be very interesting to continue to read regarding Wanda’s next steps in the entertainment industry. After the breakfast, I headed to IAAPA Central for a Membership presentation. Gotta love the IAAPA Officers for all of the support that they give, no matter how busy their schedules may be.

Thanks for “taking me seriously” Phil (Extreme Engineering). Also pictured (and laughing at me); Hank Salemi (Treasurer of IAAPA, and Six Flags Great America), Ryan Strowger (Senior VP, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Sales, IAAPA), David, Rosenberg (Second Vice Chair of IAAPA and VP of Monterey Bay Aquarium), Greg Hale (Chairman of IAAPA, and VP and CSO Walt Disney World Resort), and Paul Noland (President and CEO, IAAPA).

Enjoying some of my favorite things on the show floor; “breaking rules” with Andrew Lee (Six Flags), running from zombies with Lauren Weaver (SALLY Corp.), and smiling with dragons while posing with Dan Schultz (JRA).

Day 2 on the show floor finished up for me at the Young Professionals Forum. As a member of the IAAPA YP Task Group, it was great to see how well attended the forum was, and how engaged the attendees were in the speakers. The YP Reception was then held at DC Comics Super Hero Café. Well done Mika (JNE&LC), fellow YP Task Group member, for such a great find!

Things that make you smile as a YP!!

While I was busy at the Young Professionals events, the rest of the JRA group attending both the TEA Party, at Boulevard Bayfront, and, the Kingsmen Party, at Aura Sky Lounge.

KJ & PJ ready to head to the TEA Party with Michael Thayer and Jennie Nevin.

Top Left – KJ enjoying host, Anthony Chong’s (Kingsmen) company
Top Right – KJ and PJ can’t smile enough when they have the company of Andrew Lee (Six Flags)
Bottom – Vernon McGugan (DreamCraft), Mark Amos (JRA), Matt Brown (Nassal), Shawn McCoy (JRA), Dan Schultz (JRA), Rob Wyatt (ACM/Nassal), and Rodney Heiligmann (LifeFormations) enjoying the “Kingsmen hospitality”.

My evening concluded with an incredible dinner, organized by Andrew Lee (Six Flags), celebrating the newly married, Mr. and Mrs., Jim and Sara Seay. The company was amazing, the food was exquisite, and no one could think of a better reason to be celebrating.

Our friends from ProSlide were sitting at the table next to us, so it wouldn’t have been right for Hank (Six Flags) and I to not get a picture with Rick Hunter (ProSlide).

Friday, June 16

While Day 3 was still full of good meetings, we were able to sneak away to take a break, and check out the traveling exhibit being produced by our friends at Imagine Exhibitions and Kingsmen. While Downtown Abbey: The Exhibition was not yet open, what I saw gave me enough reason to begin watching the show.

Rose and I are obviously kindred spirits.

Once those bells ring, signifying another close to a show, we packed up the booth, and a group of us headed over to the hotel to celebrate. It’s always bittersweet when the trade shows are finished. You’re exhausted, and ready for it, but you know that it’s going to be a while until you see friends again.

Can’t wait to see this group again soon!

Next, it was time for KJ, PJ and I to travel to Malaysia for the IAAPA Post Tour. The group was treated to evening cocktails at the TOP of the Komtar upon arrival to get things started off on the right foot.

Saturday, June 17


IAAPA Post Tours are always jam packed, and this one was not going to disappoint. We began our day at The Komtar, with a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Jurassic Research Center, the Rainbow Skywalk and the Observation Deck. Dato Sri Richard Koh could not be a better host, and we were off to an unforgettable start.

We left Penang, and headed for the Lost World of Tambun to Tour the Theme Park, Waterpark and Zoo.

A mix of the day with some of my favorites!!!

Although the weather was not what we were hoping for, it was easy to make the most of such an amazing landscape. Tambun is a place that everyone should have the opportunity to visit.

Our dinner was held at Kepura Cave, and will go down as one of my favorite meals (especially watching friends experience durian fruit for the first time). Seeing the park at night was almost as magical as it was during the daytime.

Sunday, June 18

It was bittersweet having to leave Tambun behind. We had such a fabulous time there, and in questionable weather; one can only imagine what it would have been like on a nice day. “Glamping” is at an entirely different caliber when it’s done there.

Just a few more rainy pics of an incredible landscape.

Next, we were headed to Genting, to tour Resort World Genting, along with seeing the development of the Twentieth Century Fox World Malaysia Theme Park. The easiest way for us to see the development of the theme park was to take a ride on the cable car. Unfortunately, the weather was sub-par, but the group was able to “get the gist” of where the plans were moving. With the weather that they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, it’s impressive what they have been able to accomplish.

All of the necessities: Starbucks, LED screens, cable cars, and Christmas lights…

It wouldn’t be a true IAAPA Post Tour without a little bit of additional adventure. After making it back to the hotel safely, and with time enough to get ready for the evening events, a group of us decided to push our luck, and check out the market. We’re so happy that we did, but it’s not to say that making it there (and back) wasn’t questionable at times.

WHODEY!!!! I even found a “Bengals fan” in Malaysia!!!

The IAAPA Post Tour ended with a beautiful evening hosted again by Richard Koh. The ambiance, food, hospitality, and fun, is insurmountable. You outdo us, every time!

No matter where Richard takes us, we are always pampered. However, the true pampering was given to the right group that evening. Although I may miss events due to work, I am lucky enough to rarely miss Father’s Day with my dad because of IAAPA AAE. Thanks for making it an especially memorable evening, Richard!

Monday, June 19

Time to say “goodbye” to the beautiful Malaysia, but not before a quick visit with former Director of JRA Malaysia, Shahryn Azmi.

That Monday, a group of us, dubbed, “The Neverendas,” traveled to Phuket, Thailand. We spent the next several days visiting different attractions and sites throughout the island. I couldn’t have asked for better company to finish off such an eventful trip.

As always, a huge “THANK YOU” to IAAPA for a great couple of weeks ☺

And….I’m HOME!

With Skyline in hand, and the best smile a girl could ask for!!!

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Mars, Cars, Photography and Illusion: JRA's 2017 So Far

July 05, 2017

Greetings, readers! Hard to believe that 2017 is already halfway done. It's been a great six months for JRA - opening new projects, celebrating milestones for "old" ones, and dropping a little knowledge on some of our favorite topics. But, as always, our favorite part has been visiting friends, clients and colleagues all over the world. Here's a look at the year so far:


Photo Courtesy Space Center Houston

After celebrating our award-winning collaboration on Independence Plaza last year, we opened our latest project with Space Center Houston: Mission Mars. The multi-million-dollar exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to peer inside an Orion spacecraft research model, stand close to a giant model rocket and walk on a virtual Mars environment. According to Ars Technica, "now anyone can get as close to Mars as any human will, any time soon, by visiting [Space Center Houston]."

The JRA Studio gets a facelift! After 10 years of "tough love", visitors to the studio now see new paint, carpeting and artwork, all providing what JRA Art Director David Ferguson calls a "more jubilant look in our workplace, making our work environment as cutting edge as our attitude."


LaunchPAD Executive Director, Bob Fitch, and board member, Regina Roth, celebrate the museum's first birthday with a superhero-themed party. 

LaunchPAD Children's Museum celebrates its 1st anniversary. The Sioux City, Iowa museum, which anticipated 50,000 visitors in its inaugural, enjoyed attendance of over 93,000! It also positioned itself as a cultural anchor for the community, providing a much needed source of family fun for the Siouxland area. "LaunchPAD is improving the quality fo life for families in Sioux City and the entire region," said Bob Fitch, Executive Director. "LaunchPAD is proud to be Siouxland's champion for educational play and discovery!"

JRA Director of Communications, Clara Rice, enjoys a mini-speaking tour for the Themed Entertainment Association, moderating a panel on "Working in China" at the inaugural TEATalks LIVE in Orlando and presenting "Breaking Barriers: How to Attract and Retain Creative Talent" at the Creative Economy Conference in Schenectady, New York. 


The 23,000-square foot Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (MSHFA) crosses the finish line at the Daytona International Motor Speedway. MSHFA is the only hall fame that encompasses the full spectrum of American motorsports, from cars to motorcycles, powerboats to airplanes.  The sports attraction celebrates the "Heroes of Horsepower" and the core values embodied in racing. Designer Rachel Daheim offers a unique perspective on seeing her designs for MSHFA come to life. 

Photo Courtesy King Abdullah Foundation

The "King Abdullah: Values and Wisdom" traveling exhibit begins its tour of Saudi Arabia. The exhibit, a collaboration between JRA the King Abdullah Foundation, the History Factory, and Brand Experience, features artifacts, photographs and videos honoring the late ruler and his virtues of justice, peace and humanity. Welcoming 5,000 visitors daily, the 50-square-meter traveling exhibit provides a glimpse of the preparations underway for a major exhibition in 2018. 


Keith James, Chloe Hausfeld and dozens of other attraction industry delegates travel to Washington, D.C. as part of IAAPA's US Advocacy Days. The event enables US-based members to meet with members of the US Congress and advocate for or against pressing issues affecting the US attractions industry. Check out Chloe's recap. 

The Eastman Kodak Company selects JRA to provide complete planning, design and project management for its new Kodak Experience Center, located at Kodak's corporate headquarters in Rochester, New York. The Center, scheduled to open mid-2018, will feature a refreshed lobby, an exhibit area highlighting many of Kodak's innovations, a cafe featuring new Kodak products alongside vintage artifacts, and a retail space offering the latest Kodak products. 

Photo Courtesy SPAM Museum

The SPAM Museum celebrates its first anniversary, and a wedding! SPAM fanatic and Liverpuddlian Mark I Love SPAM Benson and his fiancee Anne Mosley said 'I do' at the Austin, Minnesota museum, surrounded by iconic canned meat memorabilia. The reception featured SPAM colored roses, a SPAM-themed wedding cake, and of course, SPAMatizers. 


JRA Designer Rachel Daheim (2nd from right) poses with recipients of the ACM Small Museums Scholarship.

"Fun is serious business" at the 2017 InterActivity Conference in Pasadena, California. For the ninth year in a row, JRA sponsors the Association of Children's Museums' Small Museums Financial Aid Program. The program, founded by JRA in 2008, provides small museum professionals with complimentary registrations to ACM's InterActivity Conference. Meet this year's recipients here


"The Mind's Eye: An Exhibition on Illusions and Human Perception" opens at Science Centre Singapore during the week of IAAPA's Asian Attractions Expo. This entry gallery to the Centre features dozens of enigmatic exhibits that reveal just how the human mind and senses can deceive, with illusions of sound and sight carefully selected to delight, engage and confound visitors. JRA and Science Centre Singapore celebrated the opening with a lavish launch party at the Centre and a packed press conference in JRA's booth at the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo. 

Phew, what a year! This is only the beginning of an exciting 2017 for JRA as we celebrate 30 years of planning, designing, and implementing entertainment, cultural and branded experiences all over the world. So be sure to visit this blog for the latest updates, and we look forward to seeing you on the road!

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