Mars, Cars, Photography and Illusion: JRA's 2017 So Far

July 05, 2017

Greetings, readers! Hard to believe that 2017 is already halfway done. It's been a great six months for JRA - opening new projects, celebrating milestones for "old" ones, and dropping a little knowledge on some of our favorite topics. But, as always, our favorite part has been visiting friends, clients and colleagues all over the world. Here's a look at the year so far:


Photo Courtesy Space Center Houston

After celebrating our award-winning collaboration on Independence Plaza last year, we opened our latest project with Space Center Houston: Mission Mars. The multi-million-dollar exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to peer inside an Orion spacecraft research model, stand close to a giant model rocket and walk on a virtual Mars environment. According to Ars Technica, "now anyone can get as close to Mars as any human will, any time soon, by visiting [Space Center Houston]."

The JRA Studio gets a facelift! After 10 years of "tough love", visitors to the studio now see new paint, carpeting and artwork, all providing what JRA Art Director David Ferguson calls a "more jubilant look in our workplace, making our work environment as cutting edge as our attitude."


LaunchPAD Executive Director, Bob Fitch, and board member, Regina Roth, celebrate the museum's first birthday with a superhero-themed party. 

LaunchPAD Children's Museum celebrates its 1st anniversary. The Sioux City, Iowa museum, which anticipated 50,000 visitors in its inaugural, enjoyed attendance of over 93,000! It also positioned itself as a cultural anchor for the community, providing a much needed source of family fun for the Siouxland area. "LaunchPAD is improving the quality fo life for families in Sioux City and the entire region," said Bob Fitch, Executive Director. "LaunchPAD is proud to be Siouxland's champion for educational play and discovery!"

JRA Director of Communications, Clara Rice, enjoys a mini-speaking tour for the Themed Entertainment Association, moderating a panel on "Working in China" at the inaugural TEATalks LIVE in Orlando and presenting "Breaking Barriers: How to Attract and Retain Creative Talent" at the Creative Economy Conference in Schenectady, New York. 


The 23,000-square foot Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (MSHFA) crosses the finish line at the Daytona International Motor Speedway. MSHFA is the only hall fame that encompasses the full spectrum of American motorsports, from cars to motorcycles, powerboats to airplanes.  The sports attraction celebrates the "Heroes of Horsepower" and the core values embodied in racing. Designer Rachel Daheim offers a unique perspective on seeing her designs for MSHFA come to life. 

Photo Courtesy King Abdullah Foundation

The "King Abdullah: Values and Wisdom" traveling exhibit begins its tour of Saudi Arabia. The exhibit, a collaboration between JRA the King Abdullah Foundation, the History Factory, and Brand Experience, features artifacts, photographs and videos honoring the late ruler and his virtues of justice, peace and humanity. Welcoming 5,000 visitors daily, the 50-square-meter traveling exhibit provides a glimpse of the preparations underway for a major exhibition in 2018. 


Keith James, Chloe Hausfeld and dozens of other attraction industry delegates travel to Washington, D.C. as part of IAAPA's US Advocacy Days. The event enables US-based members to meet with members of the US Congress and advocate for or against pressing issues affecting the US attractions industry. Check out Chloe's recap. 

The Eastman Kodak Company selects JRA to provide complete planning, design and project management for its new Kodak Experience Center, located at Kodak's corporate headquarters in Rochester, New York. The Center, scheduled to open mid-2018, will feature a refreshed lobby, an exhibit area highlighting many of Kodak's innovations, a cafe featuring new Kodak products alongside vintage artifacts, and a retail space offering the latest Kodak products. 

Photo Courtesy SPAM Museum

The SPAM Museum celebrates its first anniversary, and a wedding! SPAM fanatic and Liverpuddlian Mark I Love SPAM Benson and his fiancee Anne Mosley said 'I do' at the Austin, Minnesota museum, surrounded by iconic canned meat memorabilia. The reception featured SPAM colored roses, a SPAM-themed wedding cake, and of course, SPAMatizers. 


JRA Designer Rachel Daheim (2nd from right) poses with recipients of the ACM Small Museums Scholarship.

"Fun is serious business" at the 2017 InterActivity Conference in Pasadena, California. For the ninth year in a row, JRA sponsors the Association of Children's Museums' Small Museums Financial Aid Program. The program, founded by JRA in 2008, provides small museum professionals with complimentary registrations to ACM's InterActivity Conference. Meet this year's recipients here


"The Mind's Eye: An Exhibition on Illusions and Human Perception" opens at Science Centre Singapore during the week of IAAPA's Asian Attractions Expo. This entry gallery to the Centre features dozens of enigmatic exhibits that reveal just how the human mind and senses can deceive, with illusions of sound and sight carefully selected to delight, engage and confound visitors. JRA and Science Centre Singapore celebrated the opening with a lavish launch party at the Centre and a packed press conference in JRA's booth at the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo. 

Phew, what a year! This is only the beginning of an exciting 2017 for JRA as we celebrate 30 years of planning, designing, and implementing entertainment, cultural and branded experiences all over the world. So be sure to visit this blog for the latest updates, and we look forward to seeing you on the road!

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The Mind's Eye Generates Buzz, Press Coverage at Asian Attractions Expo

June 19, 2017

"The Mind's Eye", an exhibition on illusions and human perception, opened at Science Centre Singapore this week just in time for the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo. The gallery launched with great fanfare via two press conferences and a public launch party and is already generating plenty of media buzz. 

"The Mind's Eye" features 30 exhibits that capture the imagination of the visitor and explore the science behind optical illusions. The curated pieces, featuring artists from around the globe, manipulate how humans observe and make sense of objects and environments and challenge them to reconsider what is real and unreal. JRA provided planning, concept and schematic design for the gallery. Also featured in the exhibiton is "Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic", a mirror maze attraction produced by Adrian Fisher Design Limited that is touted as the largest mirror maze in Asia. 

L-to-R: Augustus Goh (SPACElogic), Adrian Fisher (Adrian Fisher Design Ltd.), A/Prof Lim Tit Meng (Science Centre Singapore) and Keith James (JRA)

Keith James welcomes the crowd at "The Mind's Eye" Launch Party.

Dozens of friends, fans and colleagues attended "The Mind's Eye" Launch Party at Science Centre Singapore. 

Over a dozen media outlets attended Tuesday's press conference, with many dozens more attending the evening launch party. Wednesday morning, the JRA booth and surrounding aisles of the Asian Attractions Expo show floor were packed with press representatives, IAAPA board members, curious onlookers and even Singapore's Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ms. Low Yen Ling. Members of the creative team, including JRA's Shawn McCoy and Keith James, as well as Science Centre Singapore Chief Executive, Lim Tit Meng, welcomed the crowd and spoke to the educational message behind the entertaining exhibition. "Understanding that you can learn if you play is a critical function," said James.

IAAPA Board Executives, "The Mind's Eye" team members, and even Singapore's Senior Parliamentary Secretary pose for a group photo before the press conference at the Asian Attractions Expo.

Media and curious onlookers packed the booth and filled the aisles for "The Mind's Eye" press conference at the Asian Attractions Expo. 

The various events have led to over two dozen articles published in local, national, and international news outlets, and according to the Science Centre, The Mind's Eye and Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic "are drawing immense interest from the media, and we are getting flooded with requests and inquiries." Here's a small sampling of the press had to say, but don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself! 

Want more pics? Check out our Facebook page for photos from all three of this week's "The Mind's Eye" events. 


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Dazzling the Senses: The Mind's Eye Now Open at Science Centre Singapore

June 13, 2017

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, Science Centre Singapore (SCS) today reopened its entrance gallery with the unveiling of two new exhibitions: "The Mind’s Eye”, an exhibition on illusions and human perception an exhibition on illusions and human perception, and “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! - a Mirror Maze experience”.

The Mind’s Eye will be one of the first exhibitions that visitors encounter when they visit SCS. Throughout the gallery, Visitors will be shown the joys of observation, of paying closer attention to what’s around them, and of realizing that perhaps all is not as it seems! As visitors grapple with the enigmatic exhibits, they reveal just how their senses and mind can fool them into believing. The illusions here portray the difference between what we experience/sense and what is actually perceived.

The exhibition has been curated by SCS, designed by JRA (Jack Rouse Associates) and fulfilled by SPACElogic Pte Ltd. to capture the imagination of every visitor and to explore the science behind optical illusions. It features more than 30 exhibits that manipulate how humans observe and make sense of objects and environments or perception vs reality.

Science for Everyone

“Science is always relevant in our daily lives, even in the way we view things in our environment. Visitors don’t have to be fans of science to enjoy these photo-worthy creations, but we are confident that they will be intrigued and inspired to find out how illusions take advantage of the way we perceive and make them seem real. These must-visit gems are timeless and cut across language barriers, making them ideal leisure options for spending quality time with families and friends,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, CEO of Science Centre Singapore.

Features of The Mind's Eye Exhibition

Your Move: One of The Mind’s Eye exhibits showcases an installation of chess pieces set within an animation sequence which will appear to the viewer periodically as they blink. A clever play on size, shape, colour, light and shadow, these ambiguous figures challenges the process of how we view and interpret negative space or background based on edge-assignment.


View with a Twist: Another exhibit of a wire sculpture magically transforms from an elephant into two giraffes simply by shifting the visitor’s point of view.

The exhibits in The Mind’s Eye includes a curated collection of works from artists around the world, including France, Japan, South Africa and USA.

Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic - Asia's Largest Mirror Maze

Back by popular demand after 20 years, a new, bigger and better mirror maze has been specially created for SCS by Adrian Fisher Design Ltd, the world’s leading creator of mirror mazes and a record holder of seven Guinness World Records. The largest mirror maze in Asia, “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic!” features 105 mirror cells and numerous interactive exhibits on the phenomena of lights, colours, and reflection set within a compelling storyline. Visitors are expected to assist the eccentric and forgetful Professor Crackitt find his pet parrot, Wattnot, while fixing some of his experiments in his vast laboratory. Backed by the phenomena of lights, colours, and reflection, the new mirror maze also gives visitors a chance to formulate an escape route that could be mired by reflections.

Public can visit both exhibitions from 14 June 2017 onwards. Admission to the two permanent exhibitions is free but admission fee to Science Centre Singapore applies (Admission is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents during non-peak periods such as weekdays, excluding school or public holidays). Please visit for more information about Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic: A Mirror Maze Experience and The Mind’s Eye.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for photos of The Mind's Eye press conferences and launch party. And if you visit the exhibition (which we hope you do!), please tweet or instagram your photos with the handles @ScienceCentreSG and @JRAtweets or the hashtag #SCSnext40.

The Mind's Eye and Mr. Crackitt's Light Fantastic creators celebrate at the exhibitions' opening press conference. From left to right: Augustus Goh, Managing Director, Spacelogic PTE Ltd.; Adrian Fisher, Founder and Chairman, Adrian Fisher Design, Ltd.; Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore; and Keith James, CEO and Owner, JRA.



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Announcement - Viewing Our Latest Project Through the Mind's Eye

May 19, 2017

Viewing Our Latest Project Through The Mind’s Eye

Suspend your disbelief. Challenge your senses. Question what is real.

On Tuesday, 13 June, Science Centre Singapore opens its latest collaboration with JRA – “The Mind’s Eye: An Exhibition on Illusion and Human Perception.”
在6月13日星期二,新加坡科学中心与JRA合作的最新项目 - “心灵之眼:幻觉与人类感知展览” 将开幕。

This gallery will be one of the first exhibitions that visitors encounter when they visit the Science Centre. It is through this exhibition that visitors will be shown the joys of observation - of paying closer attention to what’s around them, and realizing that perhaps all is not as it seems.
这将会是游客在科学中心游览的第一个展厅。通过这个展览,游客将感受到观察的喜悦 - 更加关注他们周围的环境,并用全新的眼光审视一切。

As visitors grapple with the enigmatic exhibits, they reveal just how their mind and senses can fool them into believing. The interactive experiences here portray the difference between what we experience/sense and what is actually perceived. Poised on the edges of real and unreal, illusions of sound and sight will delight, engage and confound the visitor. JRA provided complete planning and design for The Mind’s Eye exhibition.
游客将通过这些神奇的展项体验到他们的思想和感官是如何骗使他们信以为真的。这里的互动体验描绘了我们的体验/感觉与实际感知之间的差别。沉浸在真实和虚幻的边缘,声音和视线的幻觉会让观众感到愉悦、融入和混淆。 JRA为“心灵之眼”展览提供了完整的规划和设计。

Included in The Mind’s Eye Exhibition is “Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic,” an immersive mirror maze experience like no other. Specifically created for Science Centre Singapore by Adrian Fisher Design, Ltd., the world’s leading and most prolific creator of mirror mazes, this attraction features 105 mirror cells and numerous interactive exhibits, making it Asia’s largest maze yet.
心灵之眼展览中包括“Crackitt教授的光之幻想”,这是一个独一无二的沉浸式镜像迷宫体验。这个引人入胜的迷宫由世界领先的镜子迷宫创作者Adrian Fisher Design公司为新加坡科学中心量身打造,这个项目拥有105个镜面单元和众多互动展项,使其成为目前为止亚洲最大的迷宫。

Visitors will get the chance to experience the magic as they journey through a compelling storyline and help the eccentric and forgetful Professor Crackitt find his pet parrot, Wattnot, in his vast laboratory of a mirror maze – while fixing some of their experiments along the way.

The Mind’s Eye Exhibition and Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic will challenge the way that visitors see their world, while preparing them for the wonders that await as they journey through Science Centre Singapore.

Science Centre Singapore is located at 15 Science Centre Road. For more information on the Centre, please visit To find out how you can be a part of the Exhibition’s opening celebration, click here.


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Experience an Evening of Illusions

May 19, 2017

Experience An Evening of Illusions

In Singapore for AAE17? Join Science Centre Singapore, JRA, Adrian Fisher Design Ltd., and Spacelogic as we celebrate the opening of
来新加坡只为AAE17? 与新加坡科学中心、JRA、Adrian Fisher Design公司和Spacelogic一起庆祝开幕式吧!

The Mind’s Eye: An Exhibition on Illusion and Human Perception


Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! – A Mirror Maze Experience
Crackitt教授的光之幻想! - 镜子迷宫体验

Where: Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road
When: Tuesday, 13 June 6:45 p.m.
Dress Code: Party!
Programme: The evening will feature addresses from the Centre and members of the creative team, as well as refreshments, dinner and free and easy exploration of both exhibitions.
时间:6月13日,星期二6:45 pm

RSVP: Email Jenny Leong at by 9 June 2017.
回覆:于2017年6月9日前将申请发至Jenny Leong的电子邮箱。

Don’t miss out on an evening guaranteed to challenge the mind and delight the senses!



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