Happy Days Diner and CBS TV Cafe

Kings Dominion, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Looking to create more of an identity around Paramount-related products and, in the process, celebrate pop culture icons, Kings Dominion hired Jack Rouse Associates to design and produce new restaurants at Kings Dominion in Richmond, Virginia, and Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The Happy Days Diner at Kings Dominion was inspired by the TV show “Happy Days” and has the look and feel of a 1950s diner. Mementos from the show are spotlighted, as is footage featuring Fonzie, Richie Cunningham and other characters from the sitcom.

The CBS Television Café at Carowinds is themed around CBS’s original and news programming. With the CBS “eye” as an icon, the eatery celebrates a variety of programming from soap operas to prime-time shows and is updated regularly to reflect the network’s current schedule.