Restless Planet

Dubailand, Dubai, UAE

 Restless Planet will blend entertainment and natural history experiences in a first-of-its-kind destination.  The project is being developed by Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari of the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG), who are investors in Dubailand, a new world-class leisure, entertainment and tourism centre.  Restless Planet will be one of four signature attractions in Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group's City of Arabia, a 20 million-square-foot development that will act as Dubailand's gateway and main residential and retail centre.

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Jack Rouse Associates managed the preliminary design of Restless Planet, including development and oversight of all attractions and media. It is being linked with the Mall of Arabia, which is currently the largest mall under construction in the world. Working with London’s Natural History Museum, world-renown paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner of “Jurassic Park” fame, rh Architects, and other experts, the team developed a synergy of architecture and experiential design that takes guests on “the world’s ultimate theme ride back into the mists of time,” enabling them to explore Earth as it was millions of years ago. From rides that plunge visitors into the world of giant sauropods and terrifying raptors to special zones exploring the prehistoric past and links to the latest discoveries, Restless Planet will combine breathtaking theme park experiences, enhanced by dramatic lighting and audiovisual effects, with cutting-edge educational content, all featuring moving, roaring life-size animatronic dinosaurs created by Kokoro Company, Ltd. of Japan.