University of Kentucky Basketball Museum

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Working in collaboration with Jane Vimont & Associates and LORD Cultural Resources, Jack Rouse Associates provided complete design for the University of Kentucky Basketball Museum in downtown Lexington. Wildcat Head Coach Tubby Smith was so impressed with the facility that he described it as, "fast-paced and exciting as Kentucky basketball itself." Said Wildcat Great James Lee (1975 - 1978), "There's not a word in the dictionary to describe it. It's an overwhelming experience."

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The UK Basketball Museum exposed visitors to more than just the rich history of Wildcat Basketball. Among other things, the exhibits explored: the effect of the ball’s trajectory and spin on the outcome of a shot; the involvement of the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems in a jump shot and the nutritional needs of the average athlete.

Other features included: a replica of Rupp Arena’s center court, complete with figures of UK’s past hoops heroes; an All-American timeline that showcased UK’s greatest basketball players and associated memorabilia; the Big Blue Diner, where fans could listen to archived radio broadcasts; and the Virtual Court and interactive audio/video exhibits, which featured the greatest UK games, players and coaches.