Thoughtful dreamers creating memorable attractions.

Every hour of every day,
somewhere in the world,
we’re creating a smile,
engaging a mind,
or touching a heart.


Jack Rouse Associates (now JRA) was incorporated in 1987 by long-time friends and industry colleagues Jack Rouse and Amy Merrell.

Our current Owner/CEO, Keith James, was a student of Jack’s at the University of Cincinnati over 45 years ago and rejoined him as a partner at JRA in 1992. Alongside Keith is a team of over 40 writers, planners, designers, media producers and project managers headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our key personnel and management average 24 years with JRA exclusively and over 33 years of experience in the experiential design field. That means you’ll be working with a team with a proven track record of transforming dreams into destinations.



Named by The Wall Street Journal as “one of the world’s more prominent design firms,” JRA plans, designs, and delivers exceptional visitor experiences for theme parks, attractions, museums, science centers, sports venues, corporations and leisure destinations around the world.



We are a company with limitless imagination, yet we understand that successful design begins with a realistic grasp of limits. To that end, we help you dream vividly but responsibly.




Audience Advocacy

We strive to always have the visitor’s interests at heart, creating attractions and experiences to meet their unique emotional, cultural, physical, and intellectual needs. The result are projects that feel personal to each guest and inspire repeat visitation.


Award-Winning Creativity

Our projects combine imaginative design and storytelling with solid operational planning to consistently achieve clients’ experiential goals. As a result of our innovative design approach, our projects and people have been recognized with 11 awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and 9 awards from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

rendering of a new attraction


Design Diversity

At JRA, we embrace a variety of design styles. From whimsical to abstract, from traditional to contemporary, each project has its own unique aesthetic, reflecting the client’s distinct vision and our ability to translate that vision into a built environment.

an interactive attraction



From exciting theme parks to engaging museums, innovative attractions to breakthrough brand experiences, our studio plans, designs and realizes projects of all scales and styles. Our work in one market informs and invigorates our work in another. That means we know how to infuse entertainment into educational and cultural organizations, and inspiration and learning into entertainment destinations.



We champion collaborative innovation, an integrative way of thinking and problem solving. The best solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum; they result from a dynamic relationship among client, content, applied specialists and designer. Our company philosophy emphasizes a true team approach; where there are no star players, only star solutions.



As you look through our portfolio, we hope you notice the proportion of built projects. While we dream as big as the next studio, our strength is helping you understand what’s actually attainable. Our combination of experience, skill and passion for excellence ensures that your unique vision can be turned into a successful reality.


JRA is different than most entertainment designers. They take as much pride in the client relationship as the project itself.


Ready to turn your dream into a reality?