American Airlines CR Smith Museum

Fort Worth, Texas, USA


  • Master planning
  • Writing & content development
  • Exhibit design
  • Graphic design
  • Executive media production

Project Description:

American Airlines recently took their CR Smith Museum to new heights with a comprehensive renovation, the first in the museum's 25-year history. Located at the airline's Fort Worth, Texas headquarters, the museum seeks to establish a point of pride for American Airlines team members and their unique professions. It also aims to create a learning opportunity for the general public, ultimately generating more local interest in joining the American Airlines team.

More than 300 American Airlines team members volunteered to help during the process of developing the new content and exhibits, which are designed to give museum visitors insight into the various roles of American team members and how they work together to support a global operation.

Through compelling graphics, artful displays, thoughtful interactives, and rich media, the CR Smith Museum celebrates the greatest asset of the World's Largest Airline - its people.

Photo credit: Bambino International
American Airlines Museum Design
American Airlines Museum Design
American Airlines Museum Exhibit Design
American Airlines Museum Exhibit Design
American Airlines Museum Design

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