Animal Planet Rescue Vehicle

Traveling Exhibition


  • Writing and content development
  • Attraction planning and design
  • Graphic design
  • Executive media production
  • Project management
  • Art direction

Project Description:

The 75-foot-long, high-tech Animal Planet Rescue Vehicle responds during disasters to help animals in peril. Working with Discovery Communications, Animal Planet Network and the American Humane Association (AHA), JRA created a traveling exhibit that allows guests to tour the rescue vehicle and experience firsthand the work of the AHA.

The visitor experience begins with a stroll through Animal Planet Park, an interactive area that features video kiosks; “fun fact” displays imbedded in brightly colored, highly stylized animal cut-outs; live events such as interactive games for children; and animal demonstrations. After Animal Planet Park, visitors board the Animal Planet Rescue Vehicle for a hands-on tour that focuses on the mission of the truck and its rescue efforts.

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