Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Park

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


  • Master planning
  • Writing and content development
  • Exhibit planning and design
  • Graphic design
  • Executive media production
  • Project management
  • Art direction

Project Description:

The 4.5-acre African Rift Valley Exhibit combines hands-on interactives, a multimedia presentation, and an engaging storybook method of interpretation that helps visitors appreciate both the uniqueness of Africa and the many ways that its Rift Valley area is closer to their everyday lives than they might think.

The exhibit encourages visitors to make their own discoveries, and very few interpretive text panels are used. For visitors who want an added layer of interpretation, an interactive journal/passport is available that follows a girl from Colorado Springs as she and a visiting pen pal from Kenya visit the African Rift Valley exhibit.

The African Rift Valley exhibit includes several major stops along a wide and winding boardwalk. At one stop, lightly themed to resemble a researcher’s outpost, visitors explore how field researchers learn about animals through observation. At another stop, visitors step inside a hollow baobab tree and hear a message about Africa from the tree’s “spirit.” Another stop in the exhibit gives visitors a glimpse of what it’s like to care for giraffes at the zoo.

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