Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

Duncan, Oklahoma


  • Master planning
  • Writing and content development
  • Attraction planning and design
  • Graphic design
  • Executive media production
  • Project management
  • Art direction

Project Description:

The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center features over 6,000 square feet of new exhibits and theatrical experiences that introduce visitors to the history and romance of the Old Chisholm Trail, the major route along which Texas cattle ranchers drove their herds north through Oklahoma to railroad points in Kansas.

Theatrical experiences play a major role at this historical facility. In the Campfire Theater, guests are invited to sit around the campfire and learn about the harsh realities and romance of the Trail. The main theater offers “The Chisholm Trail Experience,” a multimedia production combining film/video, special effects, lighting and dramatic music to allow guests to experience a typical day and night on the Trail in the 1870s. As viewers watch the drama unfold, they can feel the wind, feel drops of rain, see the sunrise and sunset and hear the constant rumble of cattle moving along the trail.

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