06 September 2018 // News

Holocaust and Humanity Center Releases Powerful Preview Video

“Because the Holocaust was about dehumanization, to tell it the other way is to humanize and bring it out to humanity and talk about values. I really hope that within the Union Terminal, that the authenticity and the specificity of this story has the opportunity to change people’s lives.” – Racelle Wellman, Founding Executive Director, Holocaust and Humanity Center

The Holocaust and Humanity Center recently released a compelling video previewing its new location at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. The video offers a glimpse of the people and processes that are helping to bring this powerful vision to reality, as well as a sneak peek of the Center’s introductory film.

The new 12,000-square-foot museum will chronicle the rise of Nazism and the dismantling of democracy, recount the stories of survivors who rebuilt their lives in Cincinnati, and use the lessons of the Holocaust to inspire action today. “I’m pleased to share that it is on schedule and on budget,” said Sarah Weiss. Hopefully you’ve heard that Cincinnati Union Terminal will reopen in November.  That’s the same time our museum installations begin.  Please mark your calendars for the grand opening weekend January 26 – 27, which coincides with the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” As Weiss explains in the video, the move to Union Terminal holds particular significance, as most survivors who rebuilt their lives in Greater Cincinnati arrived by train at this very station.

JRA is honored to be providing planning, design, project management and art direction alongside internationally renowned firm Berenbaum Jacobs Associates (you can get a glimpse of our team at work at minute 1:35). JRA has enjoyed a 15-year relationship with the Holocaust & Humanity Center, previously designing and realizing its long-running Mapping Our Tears exhibit. Said JRA COO Dan Schultz, “through the [Center’s] expanded footprint and more prominent location, thousands of additional visitors will be able to immerse themselves in these important stories, including the survivors’ tales of loss, hope and resilience.”

HHC Relocation to Union Terminal from Kate Morris on Vimeo.