17 December 2020 // News

JRA Joins OCT Alliance as Part of Hello Tomorrow Initiative

12月7日, 一年一度的华侨城策划规划联盟大会以“明日边际”在中国深圳华侨城欢乐港湾举办。JRA的亚太区市场开发部丛婷婷受邀参加大会,并作为新一批成员代表在大会沙龙中致辞。

On December 7, the annual OCT Alliance of Planning & Design Conference, themed “Hello Tomorrow”, was held at the OCT OH Bay Center in Shenzhen, China. JRA’s Marketing & Business Development Associate for Asia-Pacific, Titi Cong, was invited to participate in the OCT Alliance conference as a member of the newest group of alliances and delivered a speech in the conference salon as a representative of the new members.

JRA OCT Alliance Titi Cong

JRA市场和商务开发部(亚太区),丛婷婷.  JRA Marketing & Business Development Associate (Asia-Pacific), Titi Cong.

华侨城策划规划联盟(OCTA)由中国领先的开发商和景点运营商华侨城集团公司组建。华侨城策划规划联盟旨在“引领创新”和“连接全球智慧”,其使命是建立“ 跨境整合的高端学术平台和华侨城集团的创新业务平台。

The OCT Alliance of Planning and Design (OCT Alliance) was formed by leading Chinese developer and attractions operator, OCT Group Co., Ltd. The OCT Alliance aims to “lead innovation” and “connect global wisdom” and its mission is to build “a high-end academic platform for cross-border integration and the innovative business platform of OCT group.”

JRA OCT Alliance OH Bay


More than 700 guests were invited to attend the OCT Alliance conference, including: Qiao Hengli, Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Municipal Construction and Public Works Administration; Yao Jun, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of OCT Group; Zhang Liyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of OCT Group; Xu Chongguang, the director of the Institute of Innovation Research and chairman of OCT Planning and Planning Alliance, and Guan Shan, the secretary of the board of OCT Group.

OCT Alliance Panelists


At the conference, Zhao Yanjing, a double-appointed professor at the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering/School of Economics, Xiamen University, and Sou Fujimoto, a renowned next-generation Japanese architect, became the newly joined experts of the alliance. Twenty top global cross-border institutions, including JRA, were selected as members of the new batch of alliances, and Yao Jun, Zhang Liyong, and Xu Chongguang jointly issued certificates to them.

JRA OCT Alliance Members


“Hello Tomorrow” is intended to break through industry boundaries and release the growth potential of cultural tourism through extensive and in-depth cross-border integration. Experts and industry elites from different countries, different backgrounds, and different fields have exchanged views and pooled their wisdom, broadening horizons, inspiring fresh ideas for managers of OCT Group’s various verticals, and providing the impetus for innovation and development.

JRA OCT Alliance Conference


This conference was reported on by many well-known Chinese media, such as China News Service, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Tiger Sniff, The Paper, Observer, Tencent News and Shenzhen Satellite TV. The number of media impressions exceeded 800,000, and the OCT Group and alliance brands were well-publicized.

JRA所有者/首席执行官Keith James说:“我到访过多个华侨城的景点,并且多年来与许多华侨城工作人员有着非常牢固的关系。” “随着“明日边际”这个雄心勃勃的大战略的启动,我们期待着有机会与他们合作。”

“I’ve been visiting the OCT sites for as long as they have existed, and have enjoyed a very strong relationship with many of the OCT staff members throughout the years,” said Keith James, JRA Owner/CEO.  “We look forward to having opportunities to work with them as they embark on the ambitious plans they have laid out in their ‘Hello Tomorrow’ strategy.”

PCT Alliance Signature Wall

丛婷婷在华侨城策划规划联盟成员背景墙签字 Titi Cong signs the official OCT Alliance member wall.


Images courtesy OCT Alliance and Titi Cong.

Note: China’s coronavirus restrictions were largely lifted in late Spring/early Summer 2020. The attendees of the OCT Alliance Conference congregated in adherence to local, regional and national guidelines.