28 May 2019 // JRA Culture


JRA’s Vice President, Shawn McCoy, and Director, Marketing and Business Development, Chloe James Hausfeld, will host sessions at the upcoming IAAPA Expo Asia in Shanghai, China. The conference, which takes place June 11-14, 2019, will offer educational programming, networking opportunities, an expansive trade show floor, and lavish special events to 8,500 professionals from over 60 countries.

中国上海 – JRA的副总裁Shawn McCoy以及市场营销和业务发展总监Chloe James Hausfeld将在中国上海IAAPA亚洲博览会上主持讲座。该展会将于2019年6月11日至14日举办,为来自60多个国家的8,500名专业人士提供教育内容,交流机会,宽敞的贸易展览场地和丰富的活动。

In his session presentation, “The DNA of Memorable Attractions: Trends, Technologies, and Techniques,” McCoy will offer an insightful look at some of the industry’s most intriguing new attractions. Beginning with defining the differences between fads and trends, and incorporating a number of Asia Pacific case studies, McCoy will reveal the secrets and best practices for creating experiences that stand the test of time and rise above the rest.


“It’s such an exciting time to be in the attractions industry, with new and cutting-edge projects opening almost every day,” said McCoy. “I look forward to sharing some of my favorite new attractions, while providing insights as to what we can learn from their innovation.”

“这是一个令人兴奋的时刻,在景点行业几乎每天都在涌现新的前沿项目”McCoy说:“我期待分享一些我最喜欢的新景点项目,以及我们可以从这些创新项目中学到什么 。”

McCoy is globally recognized as a thought leader in the attractions industry. For the last eight years, he has presented his session “Emerging Trends in Immersive Design” to capacity crowds at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida. He has also been a moderator or featured speaker at the Themed Entertainment Association’s SATE and Summit conferences, the China Summit, the Museum Education for Children Symposium, and the Future of Immersive Leisure Conference. McCoy has been interviewed as a trends expert by global industry and mainstream publications, including Forbes, USA Today and CNN, and he has many internationally published articles to his credit.

McCoy是全球公认的景点行业思想领袖。在过去的八年中,他在佛罗里达州奥兰多举行的IAAPA博览会上进行了题为“沉浸式设计新兴趋势”的演讲。 他还是主题娱乐协会的SATE峰会,中国峰会,儿童博物馆教育研讨会和未来沉浸式休闲产业大会的主持人或特邀发言人。McCoy作为全球行业和主流出版物的趋势专家接受过包括:福布斯,今日美国和CNN的专访,他还在多个国际刊物上发表过文章。

“The DNA of Memorable Attractions” takes place Thursday, June 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai, 1108 Meihua Road, Shi Ji Gong Yuan, Shanghai. It will be simultaneously translated into Mandarin Chinese. Attendees must show an Expo + Education Conference badge to attend the session.

“难忘景点的DNA”将于6月13日星期四下午3:30至4:30 在位于上海世纪公园梅花路1108号的上海卓美亚喜马拉雅酒店举行。演讲将同传成普通话。与会者必须出示博览会+教育会议胸卡方能入场。

IAAPA’s Young Professionals program provides those IAAPA members under 35 years of age the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, engage with their peers, and connect with industry leaders. JRA’s Chloe Hausfeld has been a member of IAAPA’s Young Professional Subcommittee since 2013, and in 2017, she was named IAAPA Young Professional of the Year.

IAAPA的青年专业人士计划为那些35岁以下的IAAPA成员提供增长知识,与同行互动以及与行业领导者联络的机会。 JRA的Chloe Hausfeld自2013年起成为IAAPA青年专业人士小组委员会的成员,并于2017年被评为IAAPA年度青年专业人士。

At the 2019 IAAPA Expo Asia, Hausfeld and the Subcommittee will host a Young Professionals Forum, Thursday, June 13 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Ru Room 1 & 2 (2nd Floor) at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai. Students and those just launching their industry careers will learn proven tips and tricks for successful networking and career advancement. They will also put their skills to work during an immersive speed networking event, where they can interact with other young professionals of varying backgrounds and levels of experience. Participants must have an Expo badge and be of young professional age (18 to 35) to attend.

在2019年IAAPA亚洲博览会上,Hausfeld和小组委员会将于下午5点至6点在上海卓美亚喜玛拉雅酒店的Ru 1室和2室(2楼)举办青年专业人士论坛。届时,学生和那些刚刚进入该领域的新人将学习到成功交流和职业发展的技巧和窍门。他们还将在沉浸式迅速交流活动中发挥他们的技能,在那里他们可以与其他不同背景和经验水平的青年专业人士互动。参与者必须拥有博览会胸卡并且年龄在18至35岁之间方能参加。

Following the Forum will be a Young Professionals Event from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Shanghai Dungeon. This newly opened horror house recreates historical urban myths that are based in real life. In addition to exploring the dungeon, event attendees will enjoy a lively reception featuring appetizers and beverages. A badge and separate ticket (US$49 for IAAPA members and US$79 for nonmembers) are required for entry, and again participants must be of young professional age to attend.


“The IAAPA Forums and Networking Events provide great opportunities for Expo attendees,” said Hausfeld. “These are especially beneficial for the Association’s young professional members, as they provide a platform for like-minded peers to congregate, learn, and enlighten one another. The industry, while welcoming, can be very intimidating. Having a cohort of allies makes for an easier, and more enjoyable, experience to explore.”