14 March 2012 // Thoughts

Media Moves! Part 3 – That’s a Wrap!

So, your director has called a “wrap”, the cameras have been shut off, the costumes have been packed and the trailers have rolled away. Once you’re done filming, then you’re done with your film, right? Not hardly.

For our last Media Moves! segment, we’ll discuss what happens from when your sets are struck until your film is finally viewed by an audience.

During the post-production process, the editing team will create a rough cut out of the best takes from each scene. Once the cut is approved, the film will start final touches. Computer-generated images and effects will be produced, the film will be color-corrected and the audio track developed.  Once all the elements are complete, they are assembled in an online edit suite.   If your experience is bilingual, the captioning will be added during this online process.  As the final step, an audio mix is done at the audio house. Once that’s complete, the film is sent to your site to be integrated into your hardware.  Post-production is typically the longest step in the making of your films. Through out-editing, color-grading and audio, the producer can change the look, feel and tone of your film.  Want to make your film more ominous?  Add dark tones and brooding music.  Need to make it cheerier?  Brighten it up!

Once the final product is finished, JRA’s team will take it to your site to make sure it properly integrates with the audio-visual hardware.  When everything is installed to your satisfaction, it’s showtime.  The lights dim, voices hush, and the audience is mesmerized by your film’s gripping content and high-quality production values.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Media Moves! series. Next week, we’ve got another grand opening to celebrate, as The Mind Museum opens its doors to the public in Taguig, Philippines.