12 May 2011 // Thoughts

16 Stages of Project Development – Construction Documentation

Stage 11: Production and Fabrication Documents

In our last 16 Steps segment, we completed JRA’s design process, selected the materials and finishes for your exhibits and attractions, and helped you select and hire the fabricators, AV hardware vendors, lighting vendors and media producers who will make your project (and JRA’s designs) a reality.  From this point forward, JRA will assume the role of executive producer, managing the work of the various sub-consultants in cooperation with the base build architects and engineers.

In this stage, all documents required by consultants, vendors and contractors to implement the project are finalized, though the documentation produced can vary greatly with each museum or attraction. These exhibit, attraction and building works documents are assembled into a tender package to bid out a general contractor (those familiar with the Royal Institute of British Architects stages will recognize this milestone as Stage G). Deliverables among the various vendors and the building architect may include:

  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Construction Documents
  • Shop Drawings
  • Scripts
  • Storyboards
  • Models

Upon the selection of a general contractor, demolition will most likely begin on a renovation or foundation work on new construction.  Production begins on exhibit components, rides, attractions and media.  We’ll delve further into this process in Stage 12, Production and Fabrication.