07 April 2011 // Thoughts

16 Stages of Project Development – Schematic Design

Stage 9: Schematic Design

Welcome back the 16 Stages of Project Development.  You now have a sense of the general look and feel of your project.  Now we’ll start tinkering with the nuts and bolts.

Schematic design defines the size, function, appearance and basic requirements of the facility and all of its attractions.  Materials prepared represent the story lines, design intent, theme, appearance and approach to the fabrication, construction and production, and functional and operational requirements are finalized.

Schematic Lighting Plan

In this stage, the various sub-fields begin to take on their own importance.  Multimedia briefs are finalized.  Lighting drawings are added, as are diagrams of where the AV control rooms will be housed.  Our team begins the RFQ and RFP processes to identify the exhibit fabricators and media providers.  Graphics become more individualized as opposed to just a template.  Along the way, we’ll be meeting with you to make sure that our work continues to fall in line with your aspirations for the project while adhering to the prescribed schedule and budget criteria.

“This is really where ‘the rubber starts meeting the road’, as we say in the States,” says Rob Morgan, Senior Project Director.  “Here we are clearly defining our interpretive approach and beginning to finalize guest take-aways and desired outcomes.”

Deliverables at this stage include:

  • Schematic CAD plans
  • Facility interface information for specified exhibits, environments, rides and media
  • Schematic elevations and sections
  • Color and surface treatment studies
  • Schedules of finishes
  • Finalized artifacts or objects list
  • Long list of vendors for fabrication and media and RFQs
  • Preliminary design intent documents for lighting/audio/visual control for specified exhibits, environments, rides and media
  • Updated graphics schedule and style guides
  • Multimedia briefs
  • Updated project budget
  • Updated project schedule

Getting closer to build time!  From this point, the design moves to a level of specificity from which it can then be fabricated and produced.  Tune in next time for Stage 10 – Detail Design.