09 July 2019 // Thoughts

Shawn McCoy Shares the Ten Attributes of Memorable Attractions at IAAPA Expo Asia

JRA Vice President Shawn McCoy presented “The DNA of Memorable Attractions: Trends, Technologies and Techniques” to a capacity crowd at the recent IAAPA Expo Asia in Shanghai.

JRA副总裁Shawn McCoy在最近的IAAPA亚洲上海世博会上做了一场题为“难忘景点的DNA:趋势,科技和技巧”的演讲。


In his session presentation, McCoy offered an insightful look at some of the industry’s most intriguing new attractions. Beginning with defining the differences between fads and trends, and incorporating a number of Asia Pacific case studies, McCoy revealed the secrets and best practices for creating experiences that stand the test of time and rise above the rest, including his Ten Attributes of Memorable Attractions:

在演讲中McCoy对一些业界最有趣的新景点进行了深度剖析。 从定义时尚和趋势之间的差异开始,并结合一些亚太地区的案例研究,McCoy揭示了创造经得起时间考验并超越以往所有体验的秘密和最佳实践,他的十大难忘景点属性包括:


“It’s such an exciting time to be in the attractions industry, with new and cutting-edge projects opening almost every day,” said McCoy. “I look forward to sharing some of my favorite new attractions, while providing insights as to what we can learn from their innovation.”

“这是一个令人兴奋的时刻,在景点行业几乎每天都在涌现新的前沿项目”McCoy说:“我期待分享一些我最喜欢的新景点项目,以及我们可以从这些创新项目中学到什么 。”


McCoy is globally recognized as a thought leader in the attractions industry. For the last eight years, he has presented his session “Emerging Trends in Immersive Design” to capacity crowds at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida. He has also been a moderator or featured speaker at the Themed Entertainment Association’s SATE and Summit conferences, the China Summit, the Museum Education for Children Symposium, and the Future of Immersive Leisure Conference. McCoy has been interviewed as a trends expert by global industry and mainstream publications, including Forbes, USA Today and CNN, and he has many internationally published articles to his credit.

McCoy是全球公认的景点行业思想领袖。在过去的八年中,他在佛罗里达州奥兰多举行的IAAPA博览会上进行了题为“沉浸式设计新兴趋势”的演讲。 他还是主题娱乐协会的SATE峰会,中国峰会,儿童博物馆教育研讨会和未来沉浸式休闲产业大会的主持人或特邀发言人。McCoy作为全球行业和主流出版物的趋势专家接受过包括:福布斯,今日美国和CNN的专访,他还在多个国际刊物上发表过文章。

Want to learn more? Click below to access the slides and script of “The DNA of Memorable Attractions.” PDF available in dual language – English and Chinese.

想了解更多? 点击下方查看“难忘景点的DNA”的幻灯片和演讲稿。 PDF双语文件 – 英文和中文。